Bending ali bandsaw frame back to normal

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Possibly bottom wheel gone to far back on spindle happens on euro 260 sometimes , i have one of these and there we'll built if 205 has all the ribs mine has dont see it bending
In my opinion there is no way that you have an Inca bandsaw with a bent frame you must be overlooking something in your set up.
I can guarantee the frame was well pi###d, using a straightedge on the central of inside there was about a 12mm lateral difference between the top & bottom. Even worse was lateral uneveness between the top and bottom sections of the throat out by about 3/4 inch. Anyhow thank god miracles do happen as I've been tinkering and over bending here there and everywhere and it's now looking sweetly square with clamps removed. I wait till tomorrow to see if it springs back any.


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