Bandsaw blades for fish ?

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I seem to recall David Charlesworth saying he used meat blades on his bandsaw for cutting dovetails as it was a super fine cut.

I might be wrong though.
The fact they say it is a fine cut that reduces waste would suggest it has a lot less set than a wood blade. May be none at all. Would perhaps be ok to cut thin bits of wood but that limits the saws function. It is designed to cut meat and is good at it. Stick with a blade designed to cut wood.
Your bandsaw will smell of fish for ever more!
I assume we have all seen this sort of thing:[youtube]Rk98XND8ZP0[/youtube]
Many years ago I used to used to use meat & fish blades not because they are a lot cheaper though they were & looking at you link Andy still are but they have a thin kerf which was what I needed for the veneering work I was doing at the time.
I’ve just started making my own bandsaw blades, it’s surprisingly easy & cheaper.

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