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27 Oct 2022
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Hi all,

I have the bench top planer thicknesses from Rutlands, and it works well for my smallish shed workshop (3x10m), especially for the price point (£200 on sale):

But; the fence doesn't move across the bed to allow stock to be run across different sections of the blades when planing. I've recently been squaring up a large amount of 2x4 stock, so it's all been run through the section of blade marked in red. I worry about excessive blade wear in that section.

Would there be a reason not to clamp a known square piece of thicker stock to the fence to essentially move the fence out so that the stock I'm running through goes more across the green section to even out blade wear. As long as I can get a bit of stock that's the same length / height as the built in fence, but thicker. Seems like it would work to me. Anything I've missed?


Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 09.39.20.png
I must have missed this thread when it was going. Totally see you'r reasoning on this. By all means spread the blade wear. The fence is only essential to square edges to faces as in jointing. Faces can be planed flat anywhere across the blades you like so the secondary fence may not even be required if you pay attention to spreading the wear when doing the faces. I have not had a machine where the fence does not slide across so have not had to give the issue too much thought before reading this thread. I have to admit I seldom move the fence but I do spread the wear both planing and thicknessing. Sharpening takes time and blades cost money.
Good point, I suppose if I do all my face planing favouring the side of the bed furthest from the fence and then do the edges along the fence it'll kind of even the wear usage out naturally as the quantities will be similar.

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