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For Sale Holzmann KAD-320 (12") planer thicknesser


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8 Nov 2014
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West Yorkshire
Selling my planer thicknesser, just north of Leeds, West Yorkshire.



I bought this about 6 years ago for a project that never ended up going ahead, so I hadn't finished the restoration work (which I've just finally got round to doing).

It's had a good clean, and a rebuild of the thicknessing table lifting mechanism. It's got a 3 phase motor, so I installed a 2.2kW (3hp) VFD; allowing it to run from a 13 amp socket. I also added some extensions with rollers to the thicknessing table to give better support for longer stock.



It can also take an optional slot morticing attachment (connected to the spindle at the front of the machine).


Looking at reviews of the modern (red+grey) Holzmann machines, they seem to have taken a dive in quality; this is a very solid lump of cast iron and seems to be well built. It's also big, and heavy (around 350kg I believe).

The total table length is 154cm, and 38.5cm wide. The machine itself is just over 60cm wide. The rolling base I added is approx 100cm long by 75cm wide, and allows it to be moved fairly easily.

The cutter block has three 320mm knives, with the max thicknessing width being around 310mm, and 180mm max height.




It's now running nice and smooth:

When I bought the machine I transported it in a rented van with a tail lift, but now I'd probably recommend using a professional mover (I've previously used Steve at Landylift; who was very good).

It owes me about £1200, but I'd be open to sensible offers.

Used this for a small job today (rather than my tiny planer) and it's still fantastic. But it's still overkill for the jobs I'm doing these days... so someone make me an offer ;)