I just bought a Holzmann HOB260ECO and it is very… meh - help on aligning it?


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7 Jul 2021
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Just sharing my experience.

It is a classic 1500£ level design where the tables fold to convert to thicknesser, it’s heavy and robust, what makes it meh is that it makes marks on the finished piece and it didn’t come dead square from factory, in a 250mm plank, the difference of thickness is 0.5mm edge to edge.
Because it seems that the blades aren’t square to the tables (both planer and thicknesser tables) I found it just really hard to make a nice seamless table top panel glue up. That’s the most frustrating part for me.

I guess I will need to go there and work on the alignment of everything, assuming this machine has adjusts.

Wish me luck. If you have tips to share on how to align this trapezoidal cutting machine, let me know! The cut marks is something I can live with, my goal is to make decent table top panels.

I attached a photo of a planed oak showing the horizontal marks.


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MikeK had a very similar machine with issues I think. He wrote about it in this thread. Holzmann HOB260NL P/T Issues
Spoiler alert. He ended up getting rid of the machine and getting something else.

If yours is new you might want to take it back before getting too deep into it.