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For Sale Zipper HB204 Planer/ Thicknesser like new 8 inch


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27 Jun 2023
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York or surrounding
They sell for about £290-£300 new so want at least £200

Im selling my Zipper HB204 Planer /Thicknesser 8 inch

Great little machine, solid, well built but light enough to lift up and down when you need it.

Plane one side of your timber on the top, then pass it through the powered rollers to reduce to what size you require.

I was shocked how well it works as long as you dont need to go wider than 8 inch

I orignally bought this to work with some timber skirting i wanted reducing in thickness and it did a great job.
ive just recently bought a wider one due to some guitar bodies ive been working on...so it has to go.

Will post some photos later tonight

Collection from York
The blades are brand new, unknown to me there was a nail in the skirting and it took a nick out of the blades so i bought some new ones and just fitted them...The old blades are included if i can find them and could be sharpened.

The blades are easy to set up as there are 2 holes in the face of the blade that lines up with a 2 pins on the machine, that is adjustable in height. So its a matter of turning a screw to rise or fall the blade. Then you tighten the series of hex nuts to secure the blade

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