Bandsaw Blade Guide theory!

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Well that certainly blows a few myths out of the water.
Not really what it shows is that if you riggedly clamp your workpiece to a movable sled you can safely ignore all the setup that allows your saw to cut with no drift.

But try the same setup without the (excellent) jig you will not get a result that is useable. Also with that setup the teeth with one set are going to wear faster making that blade unusable without the jig.

So if you do cutting that can use the jig and don’t mind a rather rough cut, then buy and use the jig, it looks to be a good product, most of their products are. But you will need to dedicate a blade to use with the jig, and swap in a different blade if you are not using the jig.
I don't think I would buy a used bandsaw from him !


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