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9 Dec 2015
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Vienna, Austria
I do most of dust related things in the basement room where I have Record Power AC400, a dust collector with fine filter and a vacuum cleaner.
However I also have a small crafts room in my apartment where I mostly use hand tools but also occasionally some electric tools a few times in a year...

If I use something like a drill press for a few dozens of holes with forstner bit or cordless drill and dowel jig - they do produce some fine dust that might "hang" in that room for a few days and then it eventually settles down on shelves and such. And even if I ventilate the room I still notice something like smell of dust.

Actually, even hand planes produce a lot of that fine dust, especially if I start planing from rough sawn boards or boards after a bandsaw. I saw some people to wear a mask while hand planing on youtube and I kind of tilt in the same direction but that is not very convenient of course...

Was contemplating on building some centrifuge air cleaner inside my hand tool workbench but it is not easy to source a motor for something like that (or like similar to what AC400 has inside).

But would something like household air purifier be enough for that occasional air pollution? Any experiences or thoughts to share?
I would just get a workshop air filter. Later on when you get a shed or something more permanent you can use it there too.
Axminster Workshop AW15AFS Air Filter - 230V | Axminster Tools International
Likely a bit less expensive than a household air filter and its intended to filter wood dust.
I did have AC400 in apartment some time ago... before I got extra room in the basement. So I kind of did that step of moving to a shed. But it is huge for the room full of hand tools now. Also there is still "smell of dust" even if it runs for several hours. Maybe also use blower before starting it?

That is an interesting idea! That could fit under workbench. At the moment I use Makita cordless vacuum with hand tools - to clean fine dust after sawing or planing:

Which is good as it is not so heavy and not very loud either. But soundproof cabinet for regular vacuum with just hose in the hand would be better. Saw a video of such thing and I cannot forget that...
Also there is still "smell of dust"
You will always get a smell of dust. Personally for me, needing an air filter means that my dust extraction isn't good enough. When dust becomes airborne you are generally putting yourself in between the source of the dust and your air filter, meaning you are at risk unless you always use a respirator.

I did a short course on dust extraction years ago that went in to LEV testing and I will always remember what the tutor said... "When you are frying bacon in the kitchen with the extractor hood going, you can still smell it upstairs"
IKEA have got portable "air purifiers". They are just a filter with a motor to draw the air through really. I reckon they would do the trick for you.
This a bit laser cutter specific, but the idea may help.

There are plenty of Fume extractors out there because that is what were talking about the smell rather than the fine dust.

We also use Fume extractors for working with Lasers, that could be an alternative and possibly a cheaper option, the best though would be a system that replaces the air inside the room with clean fresh air from outside every few minutes or so therefore basically a fan pumping in and one pumping out with or without filters and possibly heated. But adding the latter gets very expensive.

I think I would opt at the end of the working day to crank up a system that does that and replaces the air with fresh air. It doesn't matter what filters you put in a machine as unless you change them on a regular basis ( added regular expense) the filters will end up smelling along with the machine that holds them and the air in the room is still the same air prior to filtering.

You can easily make a automatic system to do that for you

Solution = Change The Air.