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16 Aug 2004
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Crowthorne, Berkshire
I want to add a compressor to my workshop. I know very little about thse so need a bit of help.

I am looking to use it for the following:-

1) Spraying lacquer and maybe paint on furniture items
2) 18g brad nailer + pin nailer
3) Possibly next size up nailer for outdoor projects and fence repairs 300+ ft
4) No car spraying at all but considering use to paint old cast iron machines as I do refurbs

Thats about it.

questions are

a) size 50l to 150 l
b) assume 3hp electric motor
c) oil or oilless
d) direct drive ( motor direct into compressor pump) or belt driven....seeking quietist option
c) looking for around 10fpm I think possibly more but don't know
d) confused by fittings...such complexity wow

Hoping you will have some advice.

brads / nailers will work fine on any size compressor

sprayguns need a lot of air generally. I would say a 50 litre tank will do but an HVLP gun needs lots of air and you will start to run out if you are spraying a large area.

Most tools are compressors have cfm ratings for example this graco gun uses 7cfm ... xhIi6.dpbs

this full size gun uses 7cfm to 11cfm depending on tip size ... UE80A.dpbs

An HVLP gun will generally spray paint and lacquer, solvent or water based using a 1.4 or 1.6 tip.

Air fittings:
there are loads but the market is dominated by either PCL(long) or type 25(dumpy)

both have single and double quick coupling options. the single ones come undone with a bang if you kick them by accident, the double ones need a sort of push and twist to get them undone. For home use single ones are fine.

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