Advice needed on heavy duty bandsaws!

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24 Nov 2019
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Morning all!

I'm starting a workshop and need some advice on bandsaws. I'm looking for a work horse, I've been advised to look for something like a Wadkin Dr but I wondered what other machines those in the know may recommend?

I have 3 phase.

I'll be doing a bit of everything from cutting veneers to ripping green timber.

I really don't have any knowledge on bandsaws so all advice would be much appreciated!

Cheers, Tom
You mention Wadkin so you're happy to look into the s/h market. Keep a lookout for Centauro and Agazzani (couple of examples on ebay at the moment as well as Wadkin). Have a look at Scot Sargeant for a good range of new and s/h machines in all sizes.
Cutting veneers to ripping green timber.......
I think youre looking for TWO bandsaws :shock: :roll: =D>
Agree with Bob, or even a Table saw more suited to ripping green timber and a bandsaw for veneers.
Sounds like you need a Wadkin PBR, can fit 2 1/2” tipped blades for ripping the green stuff with power feed so it’s dead easy, then you can fit a narrower blade for cutting veneers, also under power feed!
wadkin, robinson, dominion, wilson are all good old machines. startrite are good but a lot of them don't have a massive height under the guides. Make sure it has any fences etc that it should - modern ones from axminster etc can be fitted but its all money. Plus the old ones are normally nice and beefy cast iron.