Adapt and Survive. In woodwork as well.

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A friend of mine sister lives in the IOM I'm sure I can get a parcel out with her.

I'll ask my friend when she's over next.

Cheers James
Stableymonkey There is an Isle of Man by Drone site that shows the island off to its best, . But a personasl visit is best as there are many fascinating things to see here, From the top of our mountain Snaefell on a clear day you can see the 7 Knigdoms. LOL that's got you going methnks.
You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story.
My mum has one good eye, and it now has a cataract. We haven't had it removed because of that 1 in 1000 chance. She would lose her independence if it were to go wrong. Such a tough dilemma.

All the best
Have you considered the Mens Shed scheme. It looks as if there is one on IOM follow this link they are based in the grounds of Ramsey Cottage Hospital (wherever that is)
I do recommend you follow this up

Men In Sheds — Isle of Man Live at Home

Address is
The Mike Hailwood Centre,
Glencrutchery Road,
Isle of Man,

best wishes