Fire extinguisher confusion

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4 Aug 2011
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As the title states I have some fire extinguisher confusion.
My current extinguishers are old and of indeterminate origin ( I forget when and where I got them ) so not up to scratch for the insurance people.
So I am looking to replace them, currently I have powder ones and a C02 one but I was just reading on an extinguisher site that the powder ones are not supposed to be used indoors, this is annoying as they seam to cover the fires that I would be most at risk from ie. wood, paint, electrical or a,b,c.

Do I need to cover every catagory of fire? there is no possibility of a burning fat fire in my joinery shop for example.
Looks like my only likely catagory is A carbon based solids (wood etc) and B flamable liquids (paint oil etc).
But then there is electrical fires which the foam won`t do so then I would need foam and Co2 which is more expense.

How do I know how many I need?

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