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12v cordless drills


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29 Sep 2006
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High Wycombe, Bucks
Having a bit of a clearout.

I have a two 12v Elu and one Dewalt cordless drills, in cases with chargers but the batteries no longer hold a charge. I've replaced them with some 10v and 18v replacements so having a clear-out. You can have the batteries too. I have no interest in re-packing the batteries.

I will post some pictures so you know what I have.

I also have a Hilti 110v drill in a case that I don't need. I haven't tested it, as I don't have a transformer, but I have no reason to believe it doesn't work.

Does anyone want them on here or is there a charity who would take them and make use of them?

If you want them, they would need collecting from me, I am a few minutes from J3 of the M40.

Nice Idea Mick 🙂

From my experience charities are very, very wary of taking electrical stuff above a Casio watch. I get why.

Best to try and sell personally (as you are) and do what you want with any funds.

I do something similar with my knives, sell privately and donate profits to Alzheimer's. Funnily enough my most lucrative outlet is the dads at the village school fair, in the afternoon after quite a lot of beer/cider it becomes a willy waving competition to see who can buy the biggest. Funnily enough my blade lengths and prices increase accordingly 😄

I would appreciate having the Dewalt as I have a similar one, as long as you can wait until travel (from Warwick) is allowed again.

Thanks, Keith
Many thanks. I shan't be greedy as someone else might like them but if they are still left when I pick mine up, I'll gladly take them. Pics appreciated but no hurry.

A picture. Sorry for the delay.