125mm ROS recommendations sought....


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22 Sep 2014
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I find myself with a whole house worth of woodwork to paint. The existing gloss is fairly yellow and very hard so I have no intention of stripping right back to bare wood, just need to get enough off the surface to take new paint.

I have a Metabo 450 for the bigger areas. But the lower three panels on all the internal doors (1930s 1 over 3) are in the region of 130mm wide. There's no way I'm doing those by hand! So I'm looking for a smaller ROS which will take care of these. Potentially this is a bit tight given the orbital action so I'm looking for recommendations based on....
a) 240V corded--- no need for cordless as it'll be tethered to the hoover (and PTO)
b) will work on a ~130mm panel without bumping around the edges
c) capable of reasonably aggressive effect on thick old finish

so far it seems a toss up between Metabo fsx200 and Makita 5041 or 5031
Given that I've got a bunch of doors to do, I'm more inclined toward the Makita with a front handle as (with the 150mm sander I have) it is less hard work using both hands. I plan on working with the doors laid on trestles rather than in situ both for ease of access to the doorframes and so that the weight of the sander can do the work.

Sadly as I continued with my research I stumbled across the following....
Well what can I say? If this bad boy will do the narrow panels AND the edges of the doors then it will make this a very short conversation. Very spendy, BUT so far this year I've saved a fair bit on petrol and am still in a position of trading time for money which puts free time with the family at a premium. Or in other words I'm persuaded that if the Festool is as good as it sounds it will probably offset it's premium on this project.

If anyone can shed any light...
As said above the sanders with a powered rotary mode as in Festool Rotex are great for removing paint, if you already have a sander for the bigger stuff the Festool RO 90 is a bit of a decorators favourite, smaller head and corner attachment.

If you did go for a Festool ETS 125 Peter Millard has a video on making an edge sanding attachment. I don't think you would need an edge sanding attachment though as the edge of the doors might all be planed at slightly different angles.
Thanks guys. The RO90 could be just the thing. For the last couple of years I've been making do with a delta attachment on my Makita multi tool, which while it does sort of work is a bit of a compromise, so it would kick that into touch as well. With a 150mm already in hand, 90mm makes slightly more sense than 125....

Am I right in thinking its Rubin for wood and granat for paint or other hard substrates?
I found the Rotex hard work. I sold that on and bought the Mirka Deros, 150mm plus 125mm pads. Absolutely love using it. I’m not knocking the Rotex as such, just that I found it too heavy and cumbersome.