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I got the 30 piece Rutland set on offer. Prior to that I’d bought a large straight cutter, two template bits and a big flat scary thing for flattening slabs.

Template bits have been my most used. Very versatile and not just for templating. I cut a recess for a bench vice recently and clamping a bit of MDF against the line I could use it as a reference for the template bit to get a straight cut. There were also parts where I chiselled out the first part of the cut by hand then let the bearing ride on that to make the rest of the cut.

The Rutland kit has everything I’ve needed so far. With the different bits I’ve managed to match some unusually shaped beading, skirting etc perfectly. I can tell it’s not the best quality but it is by no means bad and has more than paid for itself.
I'm in a similar position and thinking in a similar way. I'm not sure I have the headspace or patience to start trying to forward plan what I 'need' and I actually doubt the first uses will be out of necessity but rather through exploration, Im thinking of getting cheap bits to have a play around with then replace what I actually use.

I've been looking at a dirt cheep lumberjack 35pc set, only at B&Q as its 20% cheaper than any other place: Lumberjack 35 Piece Router Cutter Set 1/4" Shank TCT Tungsten Carbide Tipped Woodworking Set Includes Metal Storage Case | DIY at B&Q

Anyone have any strong view to this being a stupid idea? I see it as a try before you buy type of deal
Im thinking of getting cheap bits to have a play around with then replace what I actually use.
The problem here is that many cheap bits just don't hold the edge and may not deliver good results and just lead to frustration as I found out in the early days.

I think you can roughly group router cutters into two lots, decorative and functional which means the first group depends upon your design and you just buy the cutter to suit, ie Ogee & roundover etc whereas functional are for slots, triming etc so just buy half decent cutters to deliver these functions to suit your joinery methods. Having had some cheaper cutters I can say that even though you may still need to make multiple passes with decent cutters they do cut clean.
Just wanted to give you another alternative. The biggest provider in North America, Amana Tool can now offer you the full range of router bits in the UK via Everything is shipped pre-paid, so nothing to pay on arrival. We already sell a lot of Amana tools in the UK via and you won't find a wider selection of bits anywhere. Also, unlike most others in the UK, the bits are not made in Asia, with most US or EU made.