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By Staley
Hi all. Merry Christmas and that :D

Having expressed an interest in turning a while ago I was given a Rexon WL-12a lathe last week by my father-in-law who got it from someone else who nabbed it from a garage clearout but had nowhere to keep it. It came as a bit of a surprise so, never having used a lathe before, I've been reading, watching dozens of videos on YouTube and practicing ever since. I've turned a couple of little Christmas trees and some bits and bobs with varying degrees of success and I'm loving it.

However I've quickly learned that I could benefit from a chuck of some kind and although I've watched loads of videos where they're used/recommended, I have no idea what to look for - particularly when it come to getting a size that fits my machine. They're not cheap either, so I don't want to make a mistake.

Could anyone offer any advice, please? Better still, can anyone provide a link to the exact one which would fit?
I'm not kidding when I say I have absolutely no clue where to start...

Thanks in advance and fingers crossed that Santa gets those new chisels down your chimney without doing himself a mischief :?
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By woodpig
I have an Axminster Clubman but I also have a Record Power SC4 and reckon it represents better value for money. ... nsert.html

My clubman has a fixed thread whereas the SC4 has thread inserts should you wish to upgrade your lathe in the future.
By Staley
Thanks for the advice, all. Now I know where to begin I'll get looking around to see what's available.

phil.p wrote:And get this before you start - *linky*

Wildman wrote:wow that is cheap nab it quick, it is a great book.

83p for a £16 book? Bought :lol:
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By Phil Pascoe
The best thing apart from the price when you buy books cheaply second hand is that you don't feel guilty taking them into your workshop and actually using them and getting them dirty. :D

There are others there at a reasonable price if anyone else needs one - every beginner should have it, it could save much money and many cock ups or worse, accidents. It's a good site to watch as well as Amazon.
By JCRyderRichardson
I realise this is a very old thread but I'm hoping someone can help me. I too have just got a secondhand Rexon WD-12A lathe but nowhere in the manual does it show how the foot connects to the steel tube bed. There is a nut and bolt on the foot but nothing corresponding inside the tube. If anyone has this lathe and could send me details of the bit/bits I'm missing that would be brilliant. Rexon very quickly sent me a pdf of the manual but couldn't help with any further details "Sorry this model lathe is over 15 years old , you are lucky we still have the manual " was their slightly unhelpful response. :D
By JCRyderRichardson
I know I'm probably being a bit harsh, and they were very quick to send out the manual, I guess I thought they might be able to lay their hands on a picture or even that the parts list and exploded view would actually list all the parts ... :D