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By Rich C
Does anyone know of good ones? Every brand I've seen has a bunch of people saying how rubbish they are and another saying they're the best thing ever, had one bit that lasted 10 years etc. etc.

I have a set of Bosch PZ2 bits at the moment and one shattered after about 100 screws, so not very impressed with those.

Also, does using a fancy bit holder (like the Wera TriTorsion) actually make much odds?

Driver is a DeWalt 205Nm jobbie, though I usually use it on the middle setting which is 170Nm.
By Raymond UK
I use Milwaukee PZ2 bits with Milwaukee magnetic holder. 25 bits in a box and I'm on the second bit two years in.

Wera bits are exceptionally good. I can't remember snapping any of them.

Makita gold, not so good....
By TheUnicorn
I've used wera diamond bits and holder in combi drill for diy use for about 10 years and I've only needed to replace one bit in that whole time. Can't recommend them enough.
By weekend_woodworker
I have gone through quite a few Erbauer ones which broke quite frequently. I then bought a tick tack box of milwaukee ones and I am still on my first one, so they seem much better and weren’t overly expensive.

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