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I have a mixture, from Jorgenson (Pony) F clamps to Bessey K body clamps, which have wooden handles, I much prefer the rubber grip of the Jorgenson, which newer Besseys have. The ones I was most pleased about though were Bessey pipe lamps, which I have from 11' down, they're excellent.
I bought four 12 inch Jorgensen clamps, expecting them to be made in Chicago, USA. Imagine my surprise to discover they were made in China. Jorgensen were sold to a Chinese company around 2015/16. The clamps looked like the original tooling and design had been retained but they were let down by the poor QA. The quick release ratchet didn't and frequently stuck and became difficult to move by hand, even when nothing was clamped. I will make use of them notwithstanding the issues but it is just another good brand gone to the wall.