Workzone scrub plane conversion

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22 Apr 2005
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Hi Chaps

While searching for some tap washers I found this Workzone plane.
Workzone scrub plane conversion by Racers, on Flickr

As you can see it was reduced, so I bought intending to make a scrub plane out of it.
So after drawing a 150mm radius on the blade I ground it back to the line, then sharpened it.
I widened the mouth with a coping saw.

Workzone scrub plane conversion by Racers, on Flickr

And tested it on some Iroko.

Workzone scrub plane conversion by Racers, on Flickr

I did smooth the corner of the block at the back where your thumb goes to make it handle a bit better, but it took me only about 20 minutes to do the whole conversion.

Was this one you bought a few years ago and were searching for at home?

I think I remember a thread about these. The maker is almost certainly Pinie in the Czech Republic, who still make and sell a range of wooden planes.

I have a "proper" scrub plane, from a Rutlands sale years ago, and it's ever so close to what you now have. I reckon it's a really practical design.
I last used mine, down on my hands and knees, levelling some badly cupped floorboards, for which it was ideal.

So an excellent idea for anyone who already has other planes for normal work.
Preston, more on that later and all the friends that came with it...

Yes it was a good few years ago I did tune and scrape all the varnish of the other one, it worked very well, wonder where I put it...

That looks great.

I made a wooden scrub plane using an old Marples style jack plane, it works ok but is too long really unless you are going large pieces.
My scrub is an old ECE wooden smoother whose mouth was worn away. It's the perfect length, and works really well unless I set the cut too deep. Mind you, even a shallow cut takes off a lot of wood!
Thats as good a use for it as any. I picked one up in Aldi a few years ago and use it as a small jack with just a slight radius on the blade as I already had an old horned plane set up to scrub. At the time I could not believe the thing could be made for that price. I took a chance as it looked ok and thinking even the blade is worth that. I also took a rasp to the back of it to fit my hand better. At the time there was a good bit of discussion on them and there were some people bought a few of them.