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Egg shaped scraper


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Pete Maddex

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22 Apr 2005
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Hi Chaps

I cut a branch of my apple tree that was getting in the way and decided to make a spoon.
That was a couple of days a go and now it is dry I decided to finish it, so after some knife work and scraping I decided to tackle in inside on the bowl, I started with a goose neck scraper but it was blunt and difficult to use, I sharpened it turned a burr but it was still difficult to use.
I decided what I needed was a smaller egg shaped scraper, I had some steel from a cheap hard point saw so a made one, I ground out the profile filled it smooth and polished it with diamond stones
It has 4 different radiuses so it will fit most curves.
It works very well and made short work of smoothing the bowl.

Spoon and egg shaped scraper by Pete Maddex, on Flickr


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