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28 May 2023
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When on earth did I get so much random stuff!
Spent the last 2 days just trying to make sense of stuff before I can functionally organise it - Put up some french cleats, then bought some storage boxes.
1 box - power tools Imma make a cleat for, another for 'project parts' stuff that I bought for a specific project - Castor wheels, metal inserts, Giant nuts n bolts impractical for normal use, clasps... that sort of stuff. Another box was assigned to loose blades and bits, and another for battery chargers and other powertool accessories (those side-sliders, vaccuum port adaptors and stuff) and finally a box for Rasps, screwdrivers, pliers and cutters. That cleared off 90% of the worktops.

Screwfix currently has a pack of 3 Stanley small parts boxes for £23, so I grabbed a couple of those and made one of them into my 'Project parts storage'.

Still only made a dent in it.
I found that I'm hesitant to take stuff out of their natural boxes - things like washers and bolt sets that come in their own lovely boxes - Would probably better to transfer them into a box that has more compartments, so I can keep all the washers together, and (more importantly) will stack nicer with the other boxes.

My main bugbears at the moment are the big things - Bench sander, bandsaw etc. Which I'm looking at various 'small workshop solutions' for them, but also power tool boxes. The drill, router, nailgun and other powertools all come in lovely boxes. But if I'm using them regularly, theres no point in putting them back, so I have a stack of empty plastic boxes stacked in the corner.

Any tips on small workshop (i.e single garage) workshop organisation would be amazing!
Ditch the plastic cases. In the unlikely event of my tools going in the car to a job elsewhere then they just take up too much room in the boot. All I've kept is the box for my drill as it has space for 3 batteries and a charger. A collapsable tool bag is always another sound option for travel. Other than that I have a rack for power tools and machinery I can move by hand, it blocks the garage door but considering the door is bust and won't open anyway it's hardly a loss. Most commonly used tools are on the wall near my workbench, consumables are all stored on another rack in multi comparetment storage cases as well as less commonly used tools. Stock goes under the bench and up against any gaps next to the racking. I share the garage with a freezer, tumble drier and some filing cabinets so the next step is trying to imply that they could maybe be better off somewhere else in the house, but I know a losing battle when I see one.
Good shout.
I might just put them on Gumtree - I've seen a few boxes on there for £5-£20. If I can get a few quid in my pocket for things I don't use, always a bonus!
Because I packed everything in boxes, I'm now having to shuffle through everything to make anything... But so far it's been working well. Only made a couple of tool holders for the cleats, but it's really showing me my 'most used tools', and which ones It's worth making a cleat for. In a few weeks, anything still in a box can be either stored, sold or donated. A couple of my friends are... becoming adults (Having kids, getting a house etc) so I've been getting all my spares and making basic DIY kits to give them.
Also teaching them basic stuff, like rewiring a plug, hanging a picture etc., aswell as the 'DIY Mindset' - Something a lot of use take for granted. If somethings broken, we'd look for a way to fix it but my friends are like 'I wouldn't know where to start...'.
My little way of paying it forward :D
When on earth did I get so much random stuff!
I emptied the workroom(3mx3.5m) and it filled 2 slightly smaller rooms. Put loads of the bits in boxes and now im stuck wondering where the pineapple im going to put them all.

Boxes and boxes of stuff. Not just the hardware bits- screws,nuts/bolts, hinges but things like lathe stuff, measuring, its driven me to distraction.

And all i did was re-paper the workroom. Same shelving, replaced 2 standard benches with two with drawers and cupboards, but ive filled those up, and still got blinking boxes of stuff to find a home for.
Height if you have it, storage up high is out the sight line and gives the illusion of more space.

IKEA Ivar shelves are a great lower cost option to have a complete wall covered with configurable space for your stuff.

I’d also say throw stuff away but I can’t sell someone medicine I’d never take myself.
I have bought a few of these.
I think the price is good compared to elsewhere

You can buy all the different sized trays and inserts from places like Zoro
You can reduce everything down to exactly the size and space that it needs and it's a very efficient way of storing stuff. I had some very very crude bulky wooden drawers that I had made out of skip dived bedslats and the like, I was shocked at how much space I created by emptying them into the Raaco sorters
I am as bad if it worse than you.

I have at least three dividers and screws aren't even in them!

I have three bins under my workbench one for screws, another for bolts +nuts another for nails, tacks etc.

Power tools are three supermarket delivery crates one for drills, another saws, last one sanders and routers

Organised chaos.

I need to get back out there more tbh!

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