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Yes, a Dado is used to make a Rabbit, confused, you haven't seen anything yet. LOL

I have enjoyed ...
Taunton Press published two or three books by the famed cabinetmaker James Krenov.
Toshio Odate wrote a book on the use of Japanese Tools.
Scott Landis' "Workbench Book" is a bit of a classic
Richard Raffan's later books for woodturning
All of these have some element of inspiration rather than a simple "how to ..."
I only recently started learning how to make things with wood and looked at lots of sources on how to do that, but over Christmas read Hoadley's Understanding Wood - it's not about making techniques but about wood itself. It makes it a lot easier to think about what you're going to do with the wood - and what it's going to do - and very accessible.