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3 Feb 2023
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Hi I am beginner at woodwork, I am making a router table, and the top I am using 2 pieces of 18mm melamine board both glued together, I have used evo stick wood glue from screwfix, I have left it 2 days. I have now routed the edges and glue is seeping out, So it has not cured in the middle, Am I using the wrong glue?.

What is a good fast setting wood glue to use please

I'm still a beginner so probably not of any use but out of interest, what temperature is your workshop?

I made some alterations to a wardrobe a few weeks ago using my garage, that has no heating and Evostick glue and it took several days, maybe over a week to go off, but it did eventually.


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Quick-setting, extra strong clear bond that can be sanded and painted. For use on all types of wood (softwood, hardwood, chipboard and plywood).

  • Use on Plasterwork, Skirting Boards, Windows & Door Frames
Right ............. your chipboard is melamine faced? You are trying to use a water based glue on two impervious surfaces - the water vapour has nowhere to go, and won't dry out properly. The stuff isn't really intended to be stuck together, but you could try an epoxy or even a polyurethane though that's likely to blow the two boards apart. Change the underside board for a non faced board? I wouldn't think the whole boards need to be stuck - they'll be fixed down at the sides. Maybe epoxy a few inches around the central cutout?
Ok that makes sense, I will now screw it from underneath once i have everything in place so I do not hit the screws with my router,

Thanks again