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I am building a new workshop at the moment and I want to put in a wood floor as soon as finance allows me to. I plan on putting in 6"x2"'s planks rather than plywood and have it like a normal house floor boards. (I am going painting the inside of the workshop white and varnishing the floor to give the place a nice homely feel) I will install a wood stove for heating as well as having insulation in walls and ceiling. Now that I am in my 30's I value my creature comforts that I couldnt be bothered with for the last decade :)

My question is if I put the supporting joists resting on the subfloor it will make life easy but by doing this will I be wasting my money is a way that the floor will not be as soft as if the joists were only resting at the ends and maybe the centre. In other words should I have a suspended floor which will have a fraction of give in it.... more comfort, but will be more expensive to install as the joists will have to be strong as opposed to 4x2's or something resting on the subfloor with the floor boards nailed down to them.

Any views ?
Are you putting your floor on a solid concrete base?
If so, if you are planning on using 2" thick floorboards, I would bolt 2x2 batons to the concrete using M5 sleve anchors (using folding wedges where needed to level the floor) and fix my flooring to this. :wink: . If you are going for appearance, you could fix your flooring secretly using fine screws driven through the tongue of the board.

As for floor finish, Im not sure varnish is the answer. It gets very slippery :cry: when covered in sawdust or shavings. I would personally go for some sort of non-slip finish, but Im not sure if you can get this in a clear varnish form
Well I can skip the varnich then, just give it a stain to give it a "semi finish" kind of look.

Basically I would like it to have a homely if you know what I mean and as bare wood looks well "unfinished", a stain will take that away and it would not be slippy with shavings.

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