Disposing of workshop contents, advice wanted


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27 May 2011
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Due to some medical issues I am selling off my 4x5m workshop contents and am in the process of sorting out the inside and collating and pricing items some of which will go onto the sale board on this forum.
I have an external but covered wood store with 2-2.5m lengths of sawn stock some Sapele 90x145x2m and by the looks 2 or more 190x50 planed on the 2 larger sides and since these were bought >12y ago I have no idea what I paid for them.
Similarly I have some offcuts stored inside my workshop e.g. PSE 200x50x920mm @6.6kg and sawn American Maple 260x52x810mm @8kg and need to shift these to create some swing space to sort out the rest of the workshop contents.
My workshop is pretty dry -bare steel doesn't rust and according to a cheapo radio based moisture meter they are around 8-10% RH - pretty similar to furniture in my house.
Before I post them here can anyone advise a fair value or rate I can use to price these smaller pieces?
From what I can glean maybe £50 cu/ft is in the right ballpark -does this sound reasonable - it has been so long since I've bought any timber I really have lost touch with prices these days.
Hi there

Very sorry to here about your issues and that you might be giving up woodworking due to a medical condition. If this was me then I would bundle up the different woods, take a picture of each bundle to comply with forum rules and then ask yourself what would you be willing to pay bearing in mind you have not used them in twelve years and they are taking up space. You also need to bear in mind that someone will need to collect, what part of Essex are you in ?
Sorry that you are closing up, I agree with the bundle thing. Sorry but £25 -30 is nearer the mark.
And when you have some left I’m sure your local Men’s shed would be appreciative.
Thanks for your replies, I thought somewhere in that ballpark was about right.
I've already given a heads-up to my local men's shed and they are taking 1st dibs on the machines albeit they are pretty well stocked themselves, but I'll end up with a lot of hand tools that they won't want so will advertise those separately.
I also have a rather large spindle moulder bought some years ago on these forums from Wallace and I know that'll be too dangerous for a men's shed albeit it is lovely to use when set-up as it is so stable, so we'll see who if anyone will take it!
For those potentially interested my location is halfway between Chelmsford and Colchester just off the A12
Sounds like where I used to live in Witham, I would have been interested in that Spindle molder but now to far and would require a few miles in a tail lift van.
Post a picture in the forum. I’m in Essex and might be interested in taking some of the wood and some tools off your hands.

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