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5 Nov 2019
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Hi, I am newly back on this site after a long wood turning gap! I used to be on her as Mrs Sliver .... some while ago.

Anyway, I am wanting to do some delicate finlals. What would anyone recommend as the best wood for that? I no longer have any decent wood, so need to restock.
Best would be something fine grained. I would suggest holly, boxwood, perhaps some of the exotics like African blackwood, or possibly a fruitwood. With that said, I haven't turned finials like you are proposing, and am basing this on what timbers I have used and will take a fine detail.
What Marcros said.

It might be worth looking at pen blanks if they are small finials these blanks are usually around 20x 20 x 150mm and cheap enough to try before buying larger sizes.

Lignum Vitae is worth a try, hard as hell, turns beautifully and takes very fine detail, if you can find an old wood bowling ball you're quids in but you need a decent bandsaw ideally to cut that.

Here's one pen blank supplier and I know he has a lot more than listed on his website but there are many more selling blanks. https://www2.theturnersworkshop.co.uk/s ... cat=62&p=1
If you want some olive or native hardwoods try Neil Lawton in York as he could probably sell you some nice timber, he holds some great teaching courses as well if you fancy a refresher. http://www.workerinwood.co.uk/

Welcome back.
Thanks for the advice and links. It must be old age, because I used to do these before, but not 100% sure what wood I used. I did a few with pen blanks, but they are a bit too small for the base part. I seem to remember I normally used exotics, but they are just a bit pricey for me starting back.

The place in York sound good, i will will give that a go, Native hard wood sounds better. Isn't Hawthorn a good one as well? I know a chap that needs rid of a decent sized Hawthorn tree. Looks like I am back to drying wood.

Thanks again. :D

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