Best outdoor wood sealer C24 timber

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Jason Wheeler

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16 Aug 2023
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OK - am building a ramp which will take a wheelchair and “pusher” about 4m long - using 6” x 3” C24 timber as joists (4 across a 1m span and supports every 1.25m or so so it will be solid).

The wood is treated but obviously not designed for outdoors, and have no access to creosote or similar - can anybody recommend a decent commercially available preservative? One side of the ramp will be bolted to a wall and it gets quite a bit of rain water running down it and having removed an old wood store that was against the walls the timbers were pretty shagged after 4 years.
Can you not get tannalised timber. I would think a good wood preservative from a well known firm should do. Ronseal, cupranol etc.

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