window section advice please

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zb1":zw7kfymm said:

If you are glazing a green oak extension look at face applied glazing systems. You can easily fit a opening casement in to the system they just need to have a profile added to the frame. We have a local jionery firm manufacture any openers we need. We use the same profile on door frames too.

Thanks for that, ZB1. I have read several books that suggest that way forward, but I don't understand the detail. At the corners, how do you stop the adjacent cover boards from gaping? How do you make sure the coverborads don't cup? How do you stop the water rotting the soleplate covers?

Do you have a diagram of the window frame section that I can crib, please? What timber do you use for the windows?
Lot's of questions, I'm afraid! I really want to try to get this right.
Austin I'll dig out some details and a few other bits to email over to you if you like. Just PM an email address and give me a few days to sort it out. All the window frames are European Oak (Quercus Robur), you could fit other hardwood windows but I wouldn't fit anything painted as over time I think the paint may compromise the seals.