Which model is this Elu router


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3 Aug 2023
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Hi all
Do any of you mature woodworkers recognise the make of this old Elu router?
All the signs have rubbed off but it has 1/4" and 3/8" collets, with no soft start.
I would like to sell it along with a number of bits but need to know more model and wattage, speed etc before I can describe it accurately.
Thanks in advance


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Mof96 is my guess - solid 1/4" router - that is maybe swiss built / or poss Italy depending on rating plate
Ha, I feel like a dodgy commentator on 'antiques roadshow'
So don't hold me to that 100% but all buttons went from orange to blue maybe 1994 + & no var speed that I can see which would have made it an 'E' model
The silver rating plate if still visible would help us more
Cheers, Nick
(Ex Elu many moons ago)
Ha, OK hard to get a sense of scale - and I may be on wrong track as others thinking it's a 177 & 1/2" - @Jayjayuno - how big it is would help - take a pic if you can with a tape measure next to it ;)
Like in a field and when you walk back and all the cows go smaller
Thanks for all your suggestions.
Difficult to photograph at night but
It's not a small cow. Closest match is the 88 on Google images. It comes with 1/4 & 3/8 collects, single fence attachment, 3 adjustable height presets. What more can I say. It works well, noisy, quite a twist when turned on.
Anyone want to buy it😊


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Great find, that has the distinctive switch on the back like the 98 and the interesting aperture in the base plate. Good candidate.
Note that it's a MOF 31.
The MOF131 is a newer model, more like a smaller sized 177.
As I am fresh out of knee replacement surgery I can't access my barn. I have several old ELU routers (still in use) and would need to compare. The small ELUs would not have that "shock" on starting, so it is a "big-un", possibly 177 or 31, these both take up to a half inch collet, though my brain tells me that there was an intermediate model which was 1/4" and 3/8". None of my ELUs could be described as "loud" (except when cutting), so I would suggest worn or dry bearings. These machines were far superior before Black & Decker took them over and re-badged Dewalt and then further downgraded them (in my opinion).
Many of the companies selling spares on the internet have exploded diagrammes, which would help identification.
Useful replies, it seems it must be a 31 or 98.
Any idea what I could sell this for, and where is the best marketplace for such things?