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niall Y

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1 Nov 2018
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I used to have a special drill bit that I used with my old Trend 1/4 inch router. It included a carbide counterbore at he top and a brad point tip at the base. If I remember rightly there was the merest hint of a spiral along its length and it was of a size to accept a No 8 screw. It was used mainly on blockboard -( my goodness that's a bit of a 'blast from the past'!)
The point is, I could do with one for the job I'm presently working on, but I can't find them listed anywhere, now. Trend used to sell them so I presume they were a Titman product. The nearest equivalent I can find is one for drilling out for dowels, that Titman make but these are rated for only 6000 revs. So has it been decided that this is a far too risky operation, or does something still exist out there, somewhere?
Ha!......... Think I've found something ( Trend 62/80 ) It;s O.K. for speeds up to 20,000 rpm Couldn't initially find it on the Trend website, but tracked it down elsewhere. (It's a lot easier when you have a number)
Seem to remember that mine had a square counterbore - But, hey, it's close enough!
wealden are amazing, bought some bits from them recently for electric guitar making and really impressed.
and undoubtedly better.
Oooh......,now that's a bit harsh. :) Trend was the only real choice, years back, and the bulk of their cutters were from Titman. And Titman cutters are good. The dead give -away was that many of the Titman cutters had a slot on the top pf the shaft
Just had a look at Wealdons web site. Some lovely stuff on there.
I could easily spend too much time & money on that site 😂

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