What to do with the sliding shed door


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29 Sep 2018
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There's this sliding shed(my workshop)door/gate that I'm not particularly fond of although its nice sometimes to have a big opening to move chunky stuff in and out.
The problem is it lets water in, badly. Last night there was a rain storm and the whole entrance area is flooded. Also this is the first time in maybe a year that I had bad condensation in there. All my tools and timber are moist.
Any suggestions of how I can improve my situation without replacing the door?


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Could you put some kind of porch/canopy over it? And maybe some kind of threshold along the bottom?
yes good old fashioned sandbags in hessian sacks, this is what I had to do in the garage, which floods regularly because it's on the bottom of a sloped concrete driveway, this year has been horrendous for rain.

The shed is a wee bit above the ground, you can’t see it in the picture, but on either side theres also a drain gully, so I have to assume most of the water gets in through the top and the sides, and the middle, and that big hole where the handle is. what a mess.

yes, some kind of canopy would definitely help here. I've seen somewhere a thing thats specifically designed for covering the top rail but I cant remember what its called.