Damp Problem - I'm not sure what to do...


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I just wonder who funded the research that you incorrectly posted as being "RICCS Property Journal", there is no conclusion in that research that Rising Damp does or does not exists, it only concludes that further research is needed, as I said above who funded that research and paper? I am sure it was not just for academic interest and although published in the "RICS Property Journal" the articles are not endorsed by the RICS they are published for members information and discussion.
You have found a typo.:eek:.:eek::eek:
My thesis was on Diaphragm walls, modern practice has proved my hypothesis was incorrect, but I was still awarded a PhD for it, should I give it back? 😂
I'm sure a lifetime of mockery by the whole of construction industry for being so thoroughly wrong is sufficient payment for that.
The majority of the construction industry would not know what a Diaphragm wall was, or for what purpose you would use one, it was a very small part of my Hypothesis that was incorrect the majority of the thesis stands and is still used as a reference in the University Library.