What size/thickness metal legs for heavy table top.


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23 Jan 2014
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West Sussex

I require some recommendations/advice on what size metal I should be looking at for my live edge table top. Using a volume to weight calculator it is approximately 80kg.

I am going to get the metal in and cut it all myself then find someone to weld it together for me.
Looking at a similar table design it gives the metal dimensions of 30mm.

I have chosen 40mm round for legs and 30mm box section (3mm walls) for the supports.
What do you advise?

Thanks in advance!

Here is the designs I am wanting to make:
Table legs v4 by jamie skinner, on Flickr

Table legs Drawing v1 by jamie skinner, on Flickr
That's going to weigh a lot and have the ability to hold a house up.

I would use 30mm tube for the legs and 25mm square for the rest.

How wide are your doors? if its less than 710 then you aren't going to get it in the house!

I think you will have problems with expansion with the grain across the table, slotted plates will be needed, and the edge support won't be good.
Maybe a square frame underneath the top to support it.