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17 Nov 2018
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North Yorkshire
Having started the day by getting wound up with some of the stuff being peddled on the Coronavirus thread I'm going to do my best to have a C free day and do some woodwork.

I will be making two jewellery boxes using some interesting American Black Walnut I discovered in my accumulation of wood last week. The lids will be English Walnut Burr Veneer as that's all I have in at the moment.

I just wondered what others are making today?
Not woodwork as such,...but I'm in the middle of trying to complete a set of Solid Surface worktops and splashbacks for a Client.....Got to get it all done so I can fit the Sink & Hob...!!

Here's a section of a splashback I've just glued.....



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Finished off a bin store this morning to appease the boss for a bit. This afternoon I shall be making a seed bed in the vegetable patch.

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That would work":2avixs9c said:
A shaker table and probably squeeze in a pasta drying rack thing.
I'm interested in the pasta drying rack - here's mine for the minute:

It's a wobbly cheap clothes drying rack - does the job, but not brilliant. Needs to hold 3kg of pasta at a time...

If it doesn't rain again, I shall hopefully repair a chainsaw and start milling logs. Will attempt photos if it all goes to plan.


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I'm halfway through a pair of side tables for the lounge and halfway through a set of boxes for my wife to organise her herbs and spices. I'm also halfway through re-organising my workshop (again) for the last time.
That would work":4xahkrxz said:
OK, I like pasta but.... :shock:

Ahh, well I have chickens. At the moment I am getting 8-10 eggs a day, which is fine, except it means I will also get 8-10 eggs tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, etc. The photo above is 3kg of flour, plus 30 eggs - it's a way to store them for later. Having just done that, I still have 50 eggs in the fridge.

The silly part is in a minute I will stop collecting, the chickens will all start sitting on their nests instead of laying, and then I won't have any eggs at all. Hence making pasta. It's why I had to go out and "panic buy" the flour a couple of weeks ago - to get ready. We have made two batches so far, and will probably do another two, or perhaps three. Then the potatoes will be ready, and we will stop eating pasta. Nothing is easy. Need a BIG drying rack (hammer)
this morning I started drawing out the next jewellery box I plan to make.

After that I routed two channels out of my new workbench - cum - assembly table - cum - outfeed table, so the cross cut and 45 degree sleds can be used with the adjacent table saw.

Then I made half a dozen clamping squares from some off cut plywood.

Then i glued up the components i'd previously made for my prototype office furniture. I'm still relatively new to using a festool domino, so am making a single pedestal type cabinet to check whether my design and construction will work. I guess I'll know in the morning. I did make a complete horlicks of this, by cutting the slots at the front of the workpiece instead of the rear where they should have gone. But it's only a test piece and I've learnt to be a bit more careful.

Apart from that not done much really ;-)
New units for the utility room.
Carcasses all made using oak lippings and oak veneered ply. Mow waiting for instructions on the doors which are inset
My pen kits were delivered, I've been gluing up pen blanks and gathering bits of scrap to make them.

Chuck is due to be delivered Monday too, will make life a bit easier.

Also trying to work out how to make a cylindrical box with a lift mechanism for the 2 special pens I need to make.
Cracking on with my handtool-only Welsh dresser made of old roofing timber I pulled from a skip. Base unit is complete, tommorow I'll be sawing up rafters hoping to find some nice knot free stock to use for doors.
I'm using up some scraps of real ebony, making a drinking mat out of it in a kumiko style.
thetyreman":1e35rl5s said:
I'm using up some scraps of real ebony...
So am I - but making a Grand Piano - 1/12th scale - The Ebony is the black keys at 1mm wide 4mm high and 32mm long. The white keys are made from white Perspex at 2.1mm wide x 4 x 38mm.

There are also two Ebony 'Hinges' at 2mm Sq and 5.6mm long with a 0.75mm dia hole for the titanium wire. The largest Ebony is the keyboard end-caps at 8 x 5 x 21mm. Most of the carcase is Maple, Beech or Sycamore (steamed & bent)