water proofing


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Short answer-no, not to hold water. Some folks argue that epoxy resin might work. But really nothing is guaranteed. Better to use a removable liner (plastic, metal, glass) than rely on any coating.
Agree, tried it with low expectations. OK for a week or two then the vase split. I keep odd potential liners, shampoo bottles and suchlike, in a variety of sizes, no need to buy anything. Plastic has the advantage that you can cut it to height.

It does constrain the design a bit, but if you want a narrow neck you can either drill from top and use a plastic test tube as a specimen vase, or hollow from the bottom up to the taper, insert liner from below and glue in a disc made from the same blank. Once the bottom is finished you will never know.
wood if not moist does dry out, and in many situations will crack - if used as container for water and allowed to dry out... If it's a container with water inside, then it will in time leak - simply seep - as it takes up the water and then evaporates it as it it seeps through.

Possibly a serious and generous layer of wax might allow it to be used as a vase etc.; but having never tried it so can't say from experience. That's a comment too in the olde thread... along with other responses.