Water proofing inside a wooden vase


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Dave B

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29 May 2017
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Hi all,
A friend asked me to turn him some wooden vase and said he would like to use them for fresh flowers.
Is it posible to water proof the inside so it won't rot.
Please may I have your thoughts on what's out there without breaking the bank!

Many thanks
No it's not possible. Design around a commonly available glass or plastic container to use a a liner.
Some epoxy is thin enough to swirl it around to seal inside.
The problem with vases is that they are covered in water for long periods. You can use some timbers as bowls, drinking vessles or whatever but they are only immersed for short periods. I've tried various things with vases, some say epoxy works but not all epoxy is suitable for long term immersion.

The risk isn't rotting, its staining of the outside as water seeps through and splitting as it expands and contracts.

I keep a selection of plastic containers that were headed for the recycle bin, things like shampoo bottles, to use as liners, and for small vases I have some plastic test tubes that are easily found on amzon/ebay etc. Glass is nicer but with plastic you can cut it down to the length you want and all you see is the rim anyway. It does give design constraints but you can get 'narrow neck' by hollowing from the bottom and inserting a disc.

Pictures follow, one lined from underneath with a cut down 330ml coke or beer can and one specimen vase (for single bloom) with a simple 16mm drilled hole and a plastiic test tube liner.
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Here they are, see post above. Hope the ideas help. Small one needs a polish.


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I would agree that epoxy ought to work. Would need a bit of practice and possibly several layers. Glasscast 3 would be my choice.
Both of these silver birch pots were made 4 years ago and lined with a good coat of polyurethane resin (used because I had some left over from a fibreglass project) the smaller one was removed and repotted back into it last year and there's no sign of water getting through the resin.
Guys, thank you so much for all your feedback and suggestions around this topic.
You have given me plenty to consider. Thanks for ending in you photos as well. They look really nice and is something I would definitely like to try.
Thanks all.
Rustins plastic coating would do it. You would need to apply several coats to ensure it was waterproof. Probably easier just to put a glass or plastic liner in!