WANTED robert sorby pro edge


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Unfortunately this machine doesn’t seem to be widely available in the UK (if at all). In addition, replacement belts are very expensive. That’s before you have to have the machining/engineering skills to adapt it. I certainly don’t, so I’ll stick with my Pro Edge.
It doesn't have to be the Craftsman machine. Any similar sized belt sander could be modified in the same way.
While I don't have a Sorby ProEdge myself I have used one and consider it to be a good design any very useful. I've not examined the Sorby machine to see if it has a glass plate behind the belt but I doubt it.
I do have a similar design Rexon belt sander (£30 used) and intend to modify it in a similar manner to the post I linked to. I don't pretend to have any great engineering skills but I do have a contact who has 3 plasma cutting machines and I'm thinking of getting all the component parts fabricated. If I do that I'll get a few sets cut. After that it should be a simple welding job.
I agree 100% with Lons. I also had a Tormek and I have two bench grinders (one just for polishing) but my go to sharpening tool for years in my shop is the Pro Edge. Brilliant bit of kit. Dead easy to get the angles. I leave the side guard off as well as it makes belt changes faster and it also gets in the way somewhat.
Hi My. Hope you haven't waisted your money on the RS nothing but pain in the ars. I got one because they state "FLAT GRIND" I could not get a flat grind, made a post on here & found many were the same & some said they do get a flat grind. Then came back to the post afterwords & said " Funny a nuff I just tried a straight edge on the grind & there is a bump" A small bump in the middle of your grind alters you angle, & make it hard to run along the angle. I sold mine at a great loss & told the chap that buy it "You waisting your £££" He now sold it. Get a TORMAX & jigs Yes expensive but you waist no time learning once you understand the platform. Experience more time Lathing. & better cuts. I did ring RS & asked if I was doing something wrong they could not answer positively. Just said "We are aware some people have a small issue with a small bump in the middle of the grind, We blame this on the joining of the belt. I now use my wet stone & TORMAX jigs Bliss Bliss Bliss.
I see you've noticed a 'bump in the middle of your grind' (no reference to a song of yesteryear) and would ask if you've removed the belt and examined the top & bottom rollers and the flat 'table' for evidence of build-up from the belt backing ? If you have build-up, removal using a scotchbright pad will soon have you running 'bump-free' ...
Hi everyone
I am just starting my turning hobbie having just retired.
I have bought a semi decent lathe and a set of chisels that I will need to sharpen
I am looking for a robert sorby pro edge
For sale second hand
I have found 2 on facebook but sadly they are in the opposite end of the country and won’t post.
Does anyone know of someone who is selling one either in the south east is willing to post
Many thanks
Hello Dan,
I am ignorant regarding the availability of Grizzly products in the UK, but...
I bought one of these belt grinders a few months ago, and am very pleased with it.
It may be a less-expensive alternative to the Sorby. The tool rest is perhaps not as robust as the Sorby, but, making an improved version is not difficult, IMO. Additionally, it is advertised as a 2x42 inch belt grinder, but accepts up to 2x48 inch belts. Lots of options there! Cheers! :)
I agree Tormek are a bit more expensive than all others. But I think you can do this when you are the best.
I used my RS without the side plate "Not recommended" & yes if you leave the plate off will make changing faster.
Have you ever put a straight edge on the grind From cutting edge to heal. I will be surprised if you have not got a bump
My choice to leave off the side plate as I see no risk where it is situated and over the years it has been fine. I'd have to be incredibly stupid to put my fingers in there and it's far less dangerous than the majority of tools and machinery I own. I'm not suggesting or encouraging others should do so of course.

I had no problems with my Tormek which i bought new though it did have the stainless shaft, earlier ones were prone to rusting but you can't make a direct comparison between that and and a Pro-edge as they are different types of machine both with pros and cons.

The Tormek is great for slow grind fine edges especially bench chisels but hopeless for regrinds unless you buy expensive diamond wheels. It's messy and not great for turning chisels (my experience, others will argue differently). The pro-edge is brilliant for turning tools especially HSS and yes I most certainly can get a flat bevel, no "bumps" with no problems but in any event a rounded or faceted bevel on a turning chisel is still perfectly useable. I don't use it for my bench chisels and plane irons for which I have a double grinder and a couple of diamond plates.

You say the Tormek "is the best". It seems you don't yet own one and there are other makes out there. The strong point of the Tormek is it's jigs and apart from that it's just a wheel on a small motor running in a trough of water, like it's competitors. The same argument can be levelled at the Pro-edge against the competition and personally I think the AXI model is better now.
I've owned both T7 and Pro-edge and made my assessment over several years based on my individual needs and preferences which is all any of us can do. Others (no names) will argue they are all expensive tat and all you need is a 100 year old oilstone and some sweat. :ROFLMAO:
I didn't sell my Tormek because I didn't like it or desperately needed the money, I sold it because I very rarely found the need to use it.

Whatever you decide Nod hopefully it will do exactly what you want and you'll be happy with it.
I've been sharpening my turning tools on a Record 6" grinder fitted with a white and a pink stone for nearly 30 years and have never had the money or inclination to change.
Same here lofty. But just started lathing in my retirment & finding out about all this new sharpening ideas, Got me curios & went for a wet wheel cheep market place one, Must say I liked it especially with the jigs of today, No more hot metal/worm or at least bluing. Which led me to Robert Sorby, I like the idea & was willing to give it a go, Marks out of 10, The idea 10, Performance 5. The Axminster pro looks a better one. The belts have a bump. Just like dry stone can blue or & get hot. After only a short while sold the RS "Good Riders". Seeing as I like the wet wheel, & these tool holding ideas decided on the record power wet stone Got some of the Tomax tools am very please now with the grind. "must say bit slower than drystone" but right now looking into CBN & Diamond Wheels. wished id got the Tomax T8 but there is always tomorrow.
Hi Nod

I noted you've recently started turning and you're in Hull. You might be interested in one of Neil Lawton's teaching programs in York, he's a great bloke, very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. Neil and his partner Ali are friends so I declare an interest but nonetheless it's a guenuine recommendation if you ever feel the need. He could perhaps save you from developing some poor habits and maybe save some money from his experience and trying out his tools.