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For Sale Wadkin BOAS 12" Planer Thicknesser- 3phase


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18 May 2012
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Hi All,

Looking to sell my 12" boas due to upgrading to a bigger machine. Sad to move it on as its a lovely machine to use and they just build them like the used to.

It's on a 3phase motor (5hp I think?) Certainly not lacking in power, separate 2 speed motor for the thicknesser. Comes with dust hood, 3 sets plain knives and a nearly new set of burck esta quick change knives (3 knife block) with reversible blades, these cut almost like a tersa blade giving a superb finish.

The machine is in good working order, no electronic brake fitted but stops pretty quick anyway.

Special price of £1250 for this forum, Collection from PE12, near spalding. Can load this end.

Thanks, Tom.


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Hi, do you use a three phase supply or are you using a phase converter to run this, also is it on a mobile base?
That is cheaper than a rebranded new asian job from Record or Axminster and if only I had the space I would love it because that looks very capable.