Using foil-backed Insulation Board as sacrificial board while cutting Plywood

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I use this with some appropriately sized timber, has been great for several projects now. suspect each of the saddles could be substituted for a pair of angle brackets on the fly/cheap or 3d printed if this is something you have access to.
Oh dear another gizmo you really don't need, I would suggest and from reading some of the other responses, which are in line with my method, just get 6 bits of 2"x 1" PSE, the ones I use are the width of a sheet so about 1200mm long and just lay the 2" wide face down on the floor or your bench and marginally cut thru into them, you can move them around to suit the cutting line and then when dealing with smaller sheet sizes you just need 2 or 3 of them.
I use 1x3s on a couple 2x4s. You can always kiss the surface of the 1x3s in a thicknesser to fit. I've used mine on the ground and more often on top of a couple folding saw horses. I don't like getting on my knees if I don't have to. Ground has gotten a lot further away since I was a kid.

I'll have to admit I didn't buy them though. I was on another forum and Robin Lee asked people to post a picture of their circular saw. I posted my fathers late 50s Black and Decker, my 70s Milwaukee 8 1/4" and a more recent cheap track saw. He sent me the kit for nothing. It was a new product they were promoting. Having used it I see the value in it especially if the last thing you would ever consider doing is using foam to saw on. Make your own version out of whatever kind of scraps if you prefer.

I used to do it all the time and never exploded!

It does make things easier as you just chuck the sheet on the floor and can cut in any direction, it also improves dust extraction

I don't do it much these days though as someone mentioned on here a while ago about inhaling the dust which I guess can't be good for you.............

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Looks just like the one I use! Been doing it for years. Mine was a cheap seconds . Inhaling dust isn't an issue, either, as I wear a mask.
I have done this but only because I had a spare bit, it would be crazy to buy some just for this purpose.
I would just go and get a couple of lengths of cls and use that.
I have a few bits just for this purpose, they are much smaller to store as well.


I use a sheet of foil backed which was left over from a job. I have cut it into three sections and just use as much as I need at the time. I’ve had the one sheet for a long time now. One side is full of cuts to the extent bits have broken out. The other side is covered in paint as I also use it to protect my bench when spraying.

Never worried about the dust as the extraction gets it along with the MDF dust.
I have used it when there happened to be sheets of it waiting to be used on the workshop I was building, but I used 2 pieces so that the blade hit neither the floor or the insulation. Just easier than lifting a full sheet onto something bench height.
I have a leftover sheet that I use on occasion. It’s now got a lot of very shallow cuts on one side and is likely to get used as insulation shortly in a new shed. My most used method is a few lengths of used decking board from when I replaced an old timber deck with brick paving at my daughter’s house. These boards were perfectly sound and all screws removed before a quick run over with the belt sander.