Plunge/Tracksaw for cutting plywood

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If you do a scoring cut (I too have a Makita, and like it lot), don't forget to go backwards: that way the teeth enter the work downwards and the finished cut is extremely crisp. You also get a better cut with "enthusiastic" dust extraction, too. I have no definite reason, but suspect it's because bits of debris are being smashed into the ply arrises as you cut and good DX means that happens a lot less.

Of course you can also do all this with a TS55 (or anything else) by setting the depth twice. It's just that the Makita has a simple pull-toggle to do it, no depth setting involved. I was trimming horrid Wickes hollow doors at #1 daughter's new house a few months back using the scoring cut - even with a well used blade there was pretty much no cleanup needed at all.

I use Avon Ply for sheet goods and nowadays I get them to break the board down into manageable pieces. Their system is so good I can use ply and MRMDF straight from their saw. Saves a lot of hefting about, for which I am glad. I expect there is someone near you who can also do that.