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Sold Union Graduate for sale.


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24 Jun 2012
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Fenay Bridge. Huddersfield.

It's with a lot of regret I've decided to sell my fully restored heavily modified Graduate woodturning lathe. Not having used this lathe for many months and now approaching 75 with new hobbies it would be better in a new home being used. I subjected this Graduate to a full and comprehensive rebuild immediately I bought it.

It's 240V but fitted with a VFD giving forward/reverse and variable speed. A top quality 1.5hp inverter rated Brook motor is fitted and wired so that the original controls work allowing the VFD to be placed in a dust free enclosure. New headstock bearings were fitted together with new drive belt.

This is a unique sale because it can be used for metal spinning and comes with metal spinning tool rest plus professional metal spinning tools and lots of aluminium correct 1050 grade aluminium metal spinning blanks with spinning lubricant. Included is a huge selection of woodturning tools and even a large set of threading tools. Draw bar and a set of hardly used collets most never used.

7" & 14" tool rests with bowl turning attachment and bowl turning rest; Sorby Patriot chuck; Jacobs chuck and a large selection of assorted faceplates both right and left handed.

I'm fully aware reconditioned Graduates are available at similar price but these don't come with such a huge range of accessories which if bought seperately would double the price. I have it on sale on Gumtree; here's the link which gives full details.

Union Graduate lathe. Huddersfield. | in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire | Gumtree

The price is fixed at £2,250 cash with the VFD as it is or I'm happy to reduce the price by £150 for the new owner to buy a new VFD. I still need a VFD to power my Lorch Schmidt engineering lathe and at the moment am using this single VFD to power both lathes. This is a complete set up ready to go; I could break it all and sell it for a lot more but it's taken me years to gather all this together so I'm selling as one complete lot and not willing to split it up.

Graduate lathe_0002.JPG
Graduate lathe_0003.JPG
Graduate lathe_0004.JPG
Graduate lathe_0005.JPG
Graduate lathe_0008.JPG
Graduate lathe_0009.JPG
Graduate lathe_0010.JPG
Graduate lathe_0011.JPG
Graduate lathe_0012.JPG
Graduate lathe_0013.JPG

I'll never be without a woodturning and engineering lathe; I've also got a Record Power DML 24 which I'll never sell.

My wonderful wife Bron has been spoiling me rotten; for my 74th birthday last August I finally achieved a lifelong ambition to own a violin; Bron generously bought me a new Hidersine Vivente violin with bow and case; since then I've now got a metalic green "Rainbow" violin and a beautiful 1880 German "Trade" quality violin these made for orchestral playing; I've also got a genuine Russian Balalaika. Since last August I've been setting up a new music studio and now it's well kitted out with lots of electronic gear; I'm full on with the studio also bungalow and garden maintenance; I'm struggling to get studio time so it's highly unlikely I'd get much time in the workshop to use all my machinery; there just aren't enough hours in a day.

Anyone interested in the Graduate is more than welcome to come along and try it out; I've loved using it.

Kind regards, Colin.

The delighted new owner collected the Graduate and I'm pleased it's going to someone who's going to look after it and use it. I'm truly saddened not seeing it in the workshop together with it's displayed tooling on the wall. I seem to have less time in retirement than whilst working full time; I can't be everywhere and now want to concentrate on my new music studio; it's overdue for me to back off from all the hard work and enjoy real retirement.

Kind regards, Colin.

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