Underfloor Dust Extraction


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Sorry, but are you crawling on your knees arround your workshop

No - I find powered tools more effective when the cable goes all the way to the machine :shock: - that normally means that at some point the cable has to be vertical and therefore gets in the way.

Oh no, I've caught Alf's habit!


That Energy Cube looks quit smart. Mind you, I'm not sure whether the other half will approve....especially as I'm toying with the idea of some aerial dust extraction. I have tended to decalre UDI on the outbuilding!

BTW I've sent you a PM

Does the energy cube thing plug into an existing socket (like a ceiling mounted extension block), or is it wired into the ring main?

(who's busy designing the new workshop at the new house, and is staggered at how much it's gonna cost to dry line the walls, insulate everything, put a chipboard floor down, and separate off the eaves space :shock: )

(edit, cos i want a chipboard floor, not a chopboard one)
So no problems with Part P then!

Except that I cut the flex shorter and hardwired into a switchable fused spur. :twisted:

"Whats that honey?"

"The police?"

".... at the door?"

Gotta go...... :shock:

Cheers :lol:

That'll be a minor work and not covered by Part P. Unless your workshop is in your bathroom or kitchen.
roger said he's toying with aerial extraction is that we're the pipe sticks out the roof and all the neighbours start sending you death threats . :shock:

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