The Bosch POF 1200 ae router, extraction bushings?

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14 May 2022
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I'm in need of a bushing for the "Bosch POF 1200 AE" router... but not the one that comes with it. One that is suited to dust extraction... ie Large holes in it to allow dust and chips through into the extraction attachment.

At the moment the one on the router is a solid plate. I've search Google but I only get back the one that comes with the router. What am I doing wrong? Surly Bosch sell an "extraction" bushing also. One that goes with the Dust Extraction Adapter.

I've found the Dust Extraction Adapter but not a suitable bushing that lets dust through it.

Available parts and accessories are listed here:
and as you say there is nothing that meets your functional description.

Buy a normal bushing and drill some holes in it.

Look on Thingiverse or one of the other 3D printing sites as there might be something there that could be used directly or adapted.

Draw a dimensioned sketch of what you want and it might be possible to model it for you so it can be 3D printed.

Can you find an example by another manufacturer that does the task you require, just so we have an idea of what it might look like.

Green Bosch tools are meant for the DIY market, so accessory choices will be driven by market demand, and most owners will not be as discerning as you.

Edit: do not confine your search to the 1200 model. There are a number of 3D printed parts available which have 1400 in the name, so search only for 'bosch pof'.
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