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25 Oct 2016
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South Wales
A word of appeciation for Ian at Tuffsaws.
I fully expected them to have closed for the duration, but Ian is keeping the business running as a one man band.
My new blades arrived this morning, less than 48 hours after I ordered them.

Thank you Ian!
I imagine he is doing good business amongst hobbyists at the moment, whilst seeing a collapse in orders from professional workshops. Tough times.
I am ok for blades at the moment but will order some anyway.
We need to do all we can to help folks like him weather the storm.
I have had excellent help from him, but just when I was ready to order, the government shut the country down and took away my income for the next year. Unfortunately anything that isn't food is now considered a luxury, and even food is questionable. I am horribly embarrassed that I won't be able to make the order for months, and I have a bandsaw without decent blades. Neither situation is good, but we live in strange times.
I might stockpile some blades whilst I still can today, I'd rather have bandsaw blades than food or drink.
I've just bought a spare blade for re-sawing. It'll make an ideal birthday present for my daughter...