Triton MOF001 router lift lock problems?

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Big Al

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26 Jun 2013
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As anyone had problems with the Triton MOF001 router lift lock.
Mine refuses to raise high enough for the collet lock to engage. Consequently the bit cannot be change whilst the router is still in the table.
This results in it being a "PITA" as the router then has to be removed for the table which defeats the object.
Is the mechanism jammed up with man glitter? I use the JOF001 in my router table and it gets bunged up all the time, even though I use a vac to extract the dust.
Have you remembered to turn the power switch off on the router body?
It is a safety feature on my Triton and has an interlock with the lift. Once the switch is moved the shaft raises another 1" or so to remove the bit.
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