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13 Aug 2022
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There are a few large pieces from a felled tree that I've spotted while out dog walking, I have no idea what type of tree it was though? I do vaguely recall that the leaves growing from a small twig that was still attached weren't very big, probably around 6 cm or there abouts and I 'think' oval shaped.

Does anyone have a clue as to what wood it might be?

20231024_155316.jpg 20231024_155353.jpg 20231024_155405.jpg
I cut about 10 tons of sweet chestnut this year and I live in the middle of mainly chestnut woods. The bark does not look like Italian sweet chestnut.
Have it away, get it cut and dry and ask again in a few years when you can plane a bit. ;)
It looks elm-ish to me. Once dried it's fairly open grained, can be tool bluntingly hard to turn but the finished product can be magnificent, one of my favourites.
Thanks all. It's on a council verge, but to get car access, I think I'll need to drive down a short concrete drive which could be privately owned. I'll have to make enquiries.
Currently walking along Basingstoke canal which is lined with many oak, horse chestnut and sweet chestnut. Both chestnut trees have a grey flat/ smoothish bark, the oaks all have bark very much like that in the pictures

Just found a hornbeam with similar looking bark
Lime shows next to no annual rings.
I have quite a bit of lime wood (linden) and it does have annual rings, though colour variation in the rings is not strong.

Linden/lime is generally quite pale in colour so, I'd guess that it's not linden/lime.

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