Help, what species of wood please?

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13 Aug 2022
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A couple of months ago I was given this piece of tree trunk, can anyone ID the species please?

I've just made my son a Kuksa cup from a bit that I'd cut up and he's asked me if it might be Yew wood? Not wishing to see him come to any harm, I need to try and get an ID before he uses the cup on his next camping trip.

Here's some video of the tree stump, the bark can be seen on the left. There's some photos too showing other bits that I've cut up.

The bark made me think of Pine, but perhaps it's some else? Any help is very much appreciated.

P.S The wood is spalted if that helps.




Actually, I've just remembered I was given a few smaller bits of wood too, which is what I think I used. The bark shown in the photo is from the smaller pieces, this I think was what I made the cup from.
Thanks all.

Just a thought, is a cup made from spalted wood safe to drunk from, as is?
The bark does not look like Sycamore, that is usually far smoother. It does look like yew bark.
It could be field maple which has much rougher bark.
I believe this to be English Walnut, not because of the finished cup but from the photo of the slice with the wrtiting (date) on it (5/23). Walnut has those streaks of black/grey in the grain.
Agree not Yew, sycamore is pale and straight grained.
I think I made a mistake showing a photo of the bark, I think that was from a piece of Pine.

I'm making another Kuksa and this is the same wood as used with the first one. It's from the big log as shown in the video.

Apologies for the confusion.


The kuksas look good.

The grain on your second highlights why I think apple. I find it has ‘normal’ grain then it has a an almost random grain colour over the top
There were spikes on some of the exterior surface, that would explain the random patterns perhaps?