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Cyprus is notorious for ridiculous prices. These are actually advertised by someone with a British name; he's obviously been here a long time.

One of those machines i dont even know what it does. :shock:
Really frustrating, the advertised village is not at all far from me, but no ponit in looking as I couldnt afford even one of them, even if I had the room. :roll: :roll:
It could still be worth making contact though - what's he going to do it nobody else buys them? And he might have other stuff not listed eg timber which you could justify more easily.
haggle down from 1500 to a couple? Youve never dealt with Cypriot sellers, have you. :roll: I know people here who will store stuff for their children's inheritance rather than let it go for what they paid for it, let alone a loss. (hammer)

But yes, I had just come to the conclusion this is a factory clearout and other stuff might be in my price range (i.e. pennies) :lol:
I'll try calling tomorrow, the light's going now and I'm cold :shock:
No, I'm really not happy. winter is here. :cry: :cry:
As each year goes by, I get less and less tolerant of the cold, and today it was 10am before it passed 12 degrees. :roll:

That might sound quite mild to a lot of you, but after a half a year at almost 40c, it's like living in a bright sunny deep freeze (hammer) (hammer) (hammer) (hammer)
I'm also sad that theres all those fine old english machines barely 10 miles down the road and I couldnt fit one of them in my workshop without moving the entire contents out first. :roll: :roll:
Roll on summer.
sunnybob":o2ip0s81 said:
Ah! THATS what it is!

It was the CNC machine of its day! But they've had their day and they're worth little more than scrap anymore, I've never seen them used anywhere outside of an educational establishment. There's probably some jobs they're still excellent at and get used often but I've never had an "An OH router would be good for that" idea, ever.

You could make some lovely bandsaw boxes on that big Wadkin Bandsaw though 8)
Overhead routers were used to make thousands and thousands of saw handles, routing around a template clamped to a blank.

Not sure if that helps you, Bob, but meeting another expat woodworker could do.

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