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2 Jul 2019
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Hi all,

I'm making a memory box ~300x200x100ish and looking for hardware for it. It's going to be made from ~10-12mm thick sycamore.

Given this forum is such a treasure trove of information and suppliers I'm hoping someone can recommend me a decent place to get them from.

Ideally I'm looking for a key latch and hinges if that makes a difference.

I know I can pick cheap bits up off eBay but I know the quality can range from acceptable to dire...

thank you all in advance.
Thanks Phil.

I've had a look through the website and whilst I am more than prepared to believe they're charging a fair price for what it is, £100.00 for a lock and hinges is well out of my budget.

I was ideally looking for something closer to £20/30 for the set...
The problem is trying to match the finish of the hinges and the lock. It comes down to using brass or gold plating. I've started to use who do a very reasonable gold plated hinge and lock. Postage and custom charges apply of course but the prices are good - cheaper than the UK outlets at least. I order about ten at a time as I make that many boxes per year.
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Thank you all, that gives me plenty to look through. I'm away this weekend but I'll have a proper look when I get home.
I’ve used the brusso stuff in the past which is pretty fantastic. I’ve also used cheaper stuff which can be pretty poor quality. In my experience using higher quality hardware is well worth it.