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18 Dec 2019
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Hi all, as I'm only an amateur manufacturer of sawdust and offcuts, I don't need and can't afford to buy hardwoods in large quantities. I have looked online but the delivery charges are more expensive than the timber! So, can anyone recommend a supplier, either a shop or a timber yard that sells PAR hardwood by the metre, here in the West Midlands. Preferably within a 20 mile radius of Wolverhampton.
Ive bought from Sherwin timber in the past, based in Eccleshall just outside Stafford. They do have an eBay shop so you can see what they have, and do allow collection. (Or did pre COVID)
ive had par walnut from them in the past and it was reasonably priced.
Thanks blokes,looks like a ride to Gt Barr first thats the nearest and then out to Stafford and then try Wythall as thats the most awkward for me. Thanks all for replying.
How long have these been in business for? I only live a few miles away from them and didn't know they exist.
Do they sell small quantities?
i'm not sure, i think they used to be more focused on woodland management and developed their sawmill operations a few years back.
They sell for sure small quantities. I got from them American white oak and poplar, and the stock was really great.
I know this is an old thread, but I finally got to Shelmore timber today for the first time.
Everyone was very friendly and helpful, even though I was only purchasing a small amount.
It is a very professional setup, and the timber I purchased (ash) looks to be very good quality.
I’ve recently been to Sykes Timber in Atherstone (just off the A5).
Very impressed with the level of service from them (I bought 2 lengths of ash)
And they have an oddments shed that you can just wander around, that was enjoyable too.

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